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Why Study Ai Multimedia Academy?

Ai Multimedia Academy is established to provide technical training in the area of Computer Graphic (CG) 3D Animations, Cinematography, Computer Aided Design (CAD). Digital Editing, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects (VFX), Photography, Video Production, Graphic Design and Web Multimedia Technologies in Nigeria. Our experience spans a period of 5 years and backed by highly experience multimedia experts with combined experience of over two decades.

How about the Instructors at Ai Multimedia Academy?

We parade array of highly experience trainers, tutors and facilitator in order to ensure you receive consistence training all the time through our training school. Our instructors have track records in the area of their choosing fields and this they intend to pass on to our students.

What about the Training Methodology?

Our courses are taught through a balance of classroom instruction, hands-on practical and individual practice. The approach is holistic, ensuring that students understand and have experience in all aspects of the subject they are studying. This gives them flexibility as they become professionals in their chosen fields. We have one on one interaction with our students and this is to ensure student’s individual needs are carter for.

How is your training structured?

All our courses are broadly divided into Entry Level (Fundamental) and Professional (Advance). Fundamental courses are designed for complete beginner and it is designed in order to take them from the fundamental to intermediate level. The professional or advance courses are specialisation training and it is design for experience participants who want to boost their skill or specialised in certain area of their career.

Is your Course Outline Standardized?

We run the most advanced and structured course outline as compared to some prestigious multimedia schools in the USA. Our course outline is streamlined to meet the needs of the 21st century and it is constantly been updated to adjust to the rapid trend in technological advancement.

Is the training certificated?

At the end of successful completion of training, the trainees will be awarded with Ai Multimedia Academy Certificate of Proficiency in their field of study. This is one of the prestigious certificate currently issue in Nigeria as our past students are highly sort after in the market by employers of labour.

Do I need to come with my Laptop?

It is important that students come with their laptop especially for class work and assignments.

What specification of Laptop do I need?

Any brand of graphic capable laptop will suffice, preferably laptop with Corei5 or i7, minimum of 8GB internal memory, dedicated graphic card with minimum of 2G memory preferable nVIdia graphic card, 1TB hard disk, Windows 7 or higher or MacOS.

What about the software for Learning?

We train with most up-to-date software and we install the student version of the software into our student’s laptop.

Will I receive any materials prior to the course?

No. course materials are given topic by topic basis usually on weekly bases. Mostly e-material such as PDF and video are given with the exception of the cinematography students who receive printed material prior to the start of their classes.

How much does your training cost?

Cost of training is dependent on the chosen course, please confirm the cost of training on our website or at the school office before payment. However, we may offer discount if more than one courses are chosen at a given time.

Is Instalment payment allowed?

We allow instalment payments in two instalments of 70% down payment and remaining 30% by middle of the training. For example if a training is to last 8 weeks and the cost is 40k. 28,000 will be paid as upfront and the balance of 12,000 will be paid by the end of the second week.

How is the Lecture period structured?

Our classes are divided into two: Regular and Weekend, regular classes are 2 times in a week, morning or afternoon session. Morning session starts from 9am to 12 noon and afternoon class start 1pm to 5pm. While weekend class is Saturdays only form 10am to 4pm. Students only need to choose one of the classes and session.

Are classes twice a week sufficient for learning?

It is actually 24 hours in a month. A semester course in any university in the world at 2 hours a week over 3 months is 24 hours. So at 24 hours per month, this is longer than a semester course in any university.

When is registration for the intakes?

Our classes are organised into batches and these batches are eligible for new intake at the beginning of or middle every month. So our registration is always open twice in a month.

Any deadline for registration?

We do not have specific deadline for registration in as much you can meet up with registration by the beginning or middle of every month.

Can the training duration be shorten if I can’t go through the entire normal duration?

We offer a comprehensive and detail training and our course outlines are tailored along this line. However, we could arrange a fast track courses for student who could not go through the entire duration of the training. This arrangement could attract additional charges and student maybe required to attend classes more than twice a week. The duration of the training this time will be based on the time available to the student. Prospecting student should discuss this with the Director of Studies of the Academy.

Can I combine more than one courses?

It is possible to combine more than one courses provided the students have the time and financial capability to do so.

Do you provide accommodation?

Currently we do not provide accommodation, most of our students from outside Lagos choose to stay with families or friends for the duration of the training. Though, in future we may consider providing accommodation for our students from far places.

Do you offer offsite training?

Yes, if your organisation have sufficient number of participants we could arrange to take the class in your company’s premises. However, cost of this type of training differs significantly, usually we charge additional 100% in addition to the original training fee, excluding transport or accommodation if outside our jurisdiction.

Does the Academy helps secure a job after the training?

We don’t directly but we do recommend our students if opportunity for employment opens.

After the training can I get a reputable organisation for internship?

Opportunity for internship is currently opens to our cinematography students and this is possible due our active collaboration with media houses and independent producers. Many of our cinematography students are currently undergoing months of internship in some TV stations and with some independent producers in Lagos. In future opportunity for internship will be extended to other students from graphic department.

How do I pay for a course?

Payment for courses could be made at the bank, by online transfer or pay cash at our office. Our account details is as follows: 4010012313, Almendra Interactions Limited, Fidelity Bank Plc. Please note that receipts will be issued at the Academy only on presentation of original copy of banks’ deposit slip.

Do I need to pay for Registration?

Yes, registration fee is dependent on the type of courses chosen but irrespective of the course registration fee covers the cost of certificate, ID card (not issue to all students) and materials. Some printed materials will be paid for separately.

Can I cancel a course after payment and my money refunded?

Cancelation of course is done not later than 7 days after payment. Once you attend any number of classes no refund will be granted irrespective of number of days after payment.

Will I be refunded for a course I cannot attend in the case of an emergency?

Unless you have not attended any class within 7 days of payment you may be refunded after due consideration. Payments made are not refundable after attending any number of classes or you stop attending.

If it is too late to be refunded for a course, can I apply my payment to another session?

Yes but admission differing should not be more than two sessions of the course, after the 2nd session the differed admission would be null. For example if a course duration is 8 weeks, you cannot differ admission more than 1 time after the first 8 weeks elapses in this case you cannot differ admission more than 16 weeks after your initial registration otherwise your admission will be cancelled and no refund will be paid.

If I did not complete my training at stipulated time, will I be refunded?

If a student fails to complete the course at the stipulated time, no refund will be made and in order to complete the course new registration and course fees must be paid.

On what ground can the school authority cancel my admission?

Any student that misses class for 4 consecutive weeks without prior notification will lead to outright cancellation of the course and no refund will be made.

When will I receive my Certificate?

Certificate is usually issued after the completion of the training and upon completion of course completion form duly signed by the instructor and director of studies. Any student who did not pay for the registration fee or still have outstanding fee to pay will not be issue any certificate.

Where is your office located?

We are located at 10, Ijaiye Road Ogba, beside Thermocool Showroom. Our location is actively marked on Google Map and you may use Google Map as a guide to our training centre.

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