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Digital Publishing - DP 201


If you're a print designer or other creative professional who needs to create digital documents for multiple devices, this course is for you.

With millions of smartphones and tablets sold worldwide and millions of active internet connections, the market for digital replica of print publication is already here.

This Digital Publishing course examines various digital format options— ePub, tablet app, PDF, HTML, and so on. The training thoroughly covers the theory and best practices for using the revolutionary layout features in InDesign CC, including Alternate Layouts, Liquid Layout Rules, Interactive Elements.

For training fee and duration, please call: 08023692405 or WHATSAPP: 07051060203

Interactive Multimedia Design - DP 202


At the end of the course students will be able to create engaging learning experiences based on existing paper based materials or power point presentations. The courses created can be delivered via mobile devices, DVD or online Learning Management System. The instructional design will provides the multimedia and navigating components for communicating content to learners clearly and on demand.

Instructional Design

Students will have ability to design interactive Instructional materials such as e-Learning courseware that provides the multimedia experiences that can stimulate emotions, set expectations of success. The design will provides the multimedia and navigating components for communicating content to learners clearly and on demand.

Multimedia Presentation

At the end of the training students will possess expertise in video and audio creation for e-learning courses and multimedia presentation and ability to convert paper based speech or lecture notes to audio podcast that can be embedded in any training programs.

Mobile Learning Design

Mobile learning, now commonly known as M-Learning, is the learning that happens across locations, or that takes advantage of learning opportunities offered by portable technologies such as mobile phones or smartphones. At the end of the training students will be able to design effective and engaging mobile learning courseware and presentation.

Software Simulation Design

Simulate the work of the computer application in e-Learning course is a perfect technique for training new applications or software. The training will teach students how to record actions of an application including every single change e.g. mouse clicks, text entering or data processing.

From PowerPoint to e-Learning Courses

Students will be taught how to convert existing Microsoft Power point presentation to powerful, engaging and interactive e-Learning courses.


Adobe Captivate

Cost: N200,000

Duration: 12 Weeks

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