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Hot Job available Now in Lagos: Interns and Sales Reps


1. INTERN - Business Process Improvement (Lagos)

- 26 years and below

- Fresh Graduate (any numerate discipline)

- Resident in Lagos

- Proficient in MS Office (Excel, PowerPoint, Word)

- Good analytical and organization skills

- Added Advantage- Proficient Use of MS Visio, Access, Project, Bizagi, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Statistical Softwares, Possession of Valid Nigerian Driver’s License, IT experience

- Interest Candidate should send CV to with SUBJECT: INTERN BPI

Microsoft First 11, Where are they today?


More than just a ragtag group of bearded weirdos assembled for a family portrait in Albuquerque, this gaggle of amazingly retro folks is responsible for creating Microsoft.

Maybe you spotted a precocious Bill Gates in the lower left? 

Graphic Tablets, should I get one?


Pen tablets, also known as digitizing tablets or graphic tablets, are input devices that can be used to substitute or complement a mouse. They’re very popular in the graphic arts field and are considered by some as an indispensable aid for any creative arts professional.

Trump Meets with Tech Executives, Zuckerberg's Absents


On Wednesday, President-elect Donald Trump convened a meeting with the tech world top executives.

The meeting is the first major summit between technology leaders and Trump, who has had a shaky relationship with the tech industry and publicly criticized companies like Apple and Amazon while running for office.

Let's Talk about Camera Raw- Part1


Most digital cameras process and compress the pictures you take immediately after capturing the image. This can be helpful, as it keeps the file sizes low (using JPEG compression) and takes care of color correction, including white-balance, tint, and exposure, so you don't have to. However, some people, such as professional photographers, prefer to have more control over how each image is processed. Therefore, many high-end cameras have the ability to shoot in RAW mode. This mode does not compress the images at all and leaves them completely unprocessed.


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